Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

Leather couch with microbial growth

Microbial Growth Can Move in Mysterious Ways!

Under the right time, temperature, and moisture conditions, microbial growth can spread rapidly.  Along with adhering to a variety of different materials and surfaces, did you know that microbial growth is attracted to oils from human skin? Because of this, heavier growth will tend to concentrate in areas with high levels of skin oil, such as leather furniture that is regularly sat on.  Above is a leather couch, pre-mitigation, from a home that SERVPRO of Bay County recently provided mold remediation services for as an example.  

Mold containment built in a residential kitchen

Mold Remediation 101 - Containment Building

When SERVPRO of Bay County performs mold remediation service, we often build a containment around the affected area in order to protect the rest of the structure from microbial exposure.  Pictured above is one such containment, separating the affected kitchen area from the rest of the home before beginning the remediation work.

Equipment Set Up for Mold Remediation in a house

Mold Remediation in Panama City Beach, FL

As a licensed Mold Remediation Company, SERVPRO of Bay County provides mold services throughout the Panhandle of Florida, both large and small.  Utilizing specialized equipment and techniques, our team works meticulously to remediate mold growth in your home or business.


Cross training is vital to a successful team that's why at SERVPRO of Bay County we encourage it.

In this case our Commercial Marketing Representative did not hesitate to gear up with safety equipment before walking through a commercial mold loss.