What our Customers say...


I would like to take a moment to express how grateful I am of you and your team for responding to my call so quickly and efficiently Tuesday morning July 12 at Surfside Middle School.   I know things were very hectic and emotions where high Tuesday on into Wednesday, and after passing command over to my subcontractor,  I just want you to know that your hard work and efforts to help us preserve both public and personal property did not go unnoticed. Because of your team taking immediate action, the results of my thorough inspection today, damage is at a very minimum. I hope we never have to use your service again but if we do, I know we will be in good hands. 

In a reconstruction project we found very nasty mold growth in the wall and ceiling framing of three adjacent condos. Tests showed many types of mold present. Trever Grier headed a team of 5 including Tyler Adams, Theo Bell, Trevor Cutting and Fred. The independent testing company couldn't stop talking about the great job they did! The spray patterns on the wood and back of drywall on the other adjacent units. The corners and cracks details. The cleanest floors in any construction project they have ever seen. The before and after view was like night and day. The lab tests more than passed. The testing was done on a very low outside spore count day, yet the inside air had half the spore count of outside. The air inside those three units was more healthy than outside air! I highly recommend SERVPRO for mold removal, would not consider using anyone else!

Water heater leaked upstairs to downstairs causing extensive water damage. SERVPRO was very responsive and had a crew out the next day. Tucker did an outstanding job setting a containment area, removing all of the damaged materials, mitigating any potential for mold, and ensured all areas were dried in accordance with industry standards. He kept me updated at all times since this was not my primary residence and definitely gave me peace of mind. I definitely recommend SERVPRO of Bay County.

When the vacation/rental property we purchased (1,200 miles away from us) flooded, we were devastated. After talking to Keith at SERVPRO I was assured they’d have the job done in a timely manner. Keith was always responsive and informative and delightful to work with! The whole process went very smoothly and to my surprise, they finished EARLY! I’d recommend SERVPRO Bay County to anyone needing water remediation and/or general construction!

Andy Preston was very helpful to me to understand procedures.  Thank you for your excellent work!

Thank you….props to Talena for her consistent excellence! 

Want to tell you about the awesome work Brandon and Theo are doing on our home! They work hard, they work clean so you cannot tell they just demoed an area and they keep you well informed as to what to expect for the day! Their motto has to be “work as if it was your home”! Thank you guys for all you are doing!

Both Dusty and Tucker did a great Job. They took their time to explain what they were doing and how it was done. Their attitude was great and their attention to detail was great.

Brandon N called me everyday at the end of the days work to update me on progress. It was important to me because I was on a tight schedule to get the unit ready for the rental season following a water leak. I was in another state during the work, but thanks to Brandon it was as though I was onsite as far as my understanding of the work being done. Thanks!

This was a very Professional team. On time, Courteous and great to work with. I would highly recommend them!

I am very impressed with the level of service my property received from SERVPRO of Bay County.  I can't believe how clean my place is, and I can't find a single thing wrong!  I strongly recommend SERVPRO of Bay County when your property needs cleaning and repairing.

Brandon was awesome to work with. His knowledge and professionalism was impeccable. He assessed the situation and addressed any question the resident or myself had. He also explained in great detail of what they were doing and how the equipment worked. I highly recommend Brandon and his team for all your needs of water extraction and restoration.

SERVPRO of Bay County has come to my rescue for multiple properties where emergencies have occurred. They're always great about communicating with me and our tenants every step of the way. Tucker and Kevin always do a great job and maintain a level of professionalism you don't really see anymore these type of days. I highly recommend their services to anyone in the area. Consider yourself lucky if you get Tucker & Kevin assigned to your job!

Just moved into a house that had been vacant for almost a year, when we arrived we noticed a smell from the vents that wouldn’t go away like your typical startup smell after a long summer, found critter droppings by the air handler and whole family had allergy type reactions whenever we needed to use the a/c or heat. SERVPRO techs Dusty and Tucker came out and did a great job cleaning everything and our project manager Anthony was super flexible and coordinated everything with our HVAC service so we could knock out some additional work at the same time, which was huge for us because we have four kids. Overall, friendly, flexible, professional and good price for quality work. Will definitely recommend or use again if needed!

You all were great to work with and I certainly appreciate your professionalism. 

I had Kenny come by and help me with a clean up and he was professional and prompt. He could not have made the experience easier. I would definitely recommend.

SERVPRO did a great job with the entire process from start to finish.  Excellent communication as well.  Keith, Anthony, Tucker, and Andy were all awesome.

I could not be happier with the prompt, courteous and excellent service provided by SERVPRO.  Thank you so very much!

Thank you to SERVPRO of Bay County. We had a leak in our bathroom that caused significant damage. From the moment we called they promptly sent a crew over to begin cleaning up. Everyone who came to the house was friendly and helpful. They always answered the phone if we had questions. No waiting for a call back. Trevor Grier our project manager was great, also a Trevor who worked at the house, and Brandon at the house, and many others all were awesome.

Mr. Michael was the initial contact we had and he was very professional, helpful, and answered a lot of questions. Kevin and Tucker were both great to work with throughout the following 6 weeks. These guys went above and beyond assisting us through clean up, demo, and piecing things back together. They brought tons of laughs along with them as these two are quite the dynamic duo. Would recommend this team for anyone needing service and giggles.

We had a water line break in the middle of the night and woke up to 3-4 inches of water throughout the house. We called SERVPRO and 20 mins later Trevor and Travis were at our door. They made a stressful situation so much better. They answered all our questions, explained everything to us and kept us updated during the whole process. We actually felt like we should have been doing more. We were very surprised at what those fans and dehumidifiers can do. Great bunch of guys and awesome company, we will definitely recommend SERVPRO in the future.

Anthony, Tucker and Kevin were very professional and efficient. They did a great job and kept me informed on the project. Great communication skills. I would highly recommend this company. Thanks again for your help.

Brandon and his team did a great job on a daily basis. They were responsive and timely. Everyone there was very helpful

Water heater was leaking over the past month and flooded the area inside the wall, thought I had black mold.  I called SERVPRO Saturday and spoke to Trevor; he explained all they could do for me, with general pricing ideas and I decided to wait until Monday because I don't have insurance and would pay more out of pocket. He advised me on everything I could do and needed to do to contain my problem until then and where I may have problems.  He said he would contact me for an appointment Monday. First thing Monday morning he called and was there in 20 minutes. He went over everything advised me of what SERVPRO could do and the cost, or if I decided to DIY what I could possibly do. He said that either way they were there if I needed them.  Great help and care! As soon as I decide what I want to do I will definitely call them. I would advise if you need them they are here to help!

SERVPRO has always been a wonderful company to work with. They are very professional and friendly and communicative. And most importantly, they care about the community. They are good people.

Haley and Kenny did a wonderful job on our house. We bought a home and not even a month later we had ground water flood our Florida room then a week later sewage backed up and flooded the whole back of my home. I highly recommend Haley and Kenny for any of your SERVPRO needs. They are very attentive, professional and fast.

The crew guys were very friendly, Professional, and worked hard at what they were doing . I would highly recommend KENNY Ryan Johnny And Dusty . Thank you Guys for all your hard work!!!! 

Broken sprinkler head brought a quick response! Anthony, Michael & Tucker were professional, courteous & knowledgeable each day of their visits. A highly recommended SERVPRO team.

Kenny and Ryan and team did an amazing job at our hotel property on Pensacola Beach. They were needed to fill in for the Pensacola team, and did it with the most professional attitudes with smiles on their faces. Kenny even stayed a few extra minutes and did a final walk with me before the 2 hour drive to Panama City. Finished 4 floors of a 200 room hotel in a single day! Will recommend in the future.

Their team was amazing! They worked around my schedule, was very professional and their pricing was fantastic

We just got my house put back together from Hurricane Michael. 3 Mos. ago the Kitchen sink sprung a leak in the walls. We don't know how long the water had been going under the new floating floor but 3 rooms and a hall was affected. I had moved my elderly parents into the house because their house was destroyed from the Hurricane. My father has dementia, heart issues and had a stroke so it was so there was a since of urgency. Haley and her crew of 6 men got to the house 7 mins after we first called. Everyone had their feet covered and mask. They moved around the house so quietly and quickly as not to disturb my parents. Haley explained everything they were going to do and the steps I needed to do with my Insurance Co. During this process Haley called me to check on my parents and kept us informed. The men were so personable and really cared about the job they were doing. Your people are a real asset to your company.

I'm sending you this to tell you how impressed we were with Keith Gosney and his team. Everyone who worked on our house did a great job. We liked the fact that Keith was up front about everything, even when there was a delay or a problem he didn't mislead us. He communicated very well and at times it felt like he went out of his way to make sure that the work was getting done on time. We just felt that we needed to let you know how much we appreciated SERVPRO and the people who work for you. Thank you.

I am very pleased with the work that was accomplished on my home from the damage of Hurricane Michael. All of the SERVPRO employees from the receptionist to the head Contractor were very professional. They explained everything. They responded quickly to my calls. If there was any problem they resolved it immediately to my satisfaction. They also eased my fears many times. Their patience and professionalism is so needed in such trying times at these. Steve and Konan are a huge asset to this company. Keep up the good work. I would definitely recommend them to anyone I know that needs work done.

Tucker, you sure did a great job at our house! We appreciate you so much. SERVPRO is blessed to have you!

Kenny, Johnny, Dusty, and Haley (as well as all the others), did a great job in every respect! I would hire SERVPRO again.

We recently encountered flooding in our condo and SERVPRO was quick to respond. Anthony and Tucker were both wonderful! It is very hard to go through a situation like this and even more stressful living 5 hours away. Tucker especially was beyond exceptional - always patient in explaining what was being done and keeping us updated through the entire process. He is a true asset to SERVPRO! 

Haley, the Project Manager at SERVPRO that served us was phenomenal. She was super responsive, explained every step of the process and was always super quick to drop everything to handle the issue. We even had a concern of whether smell would be eliminated entirely and it wasn't, but they stood behind their work 100% and came back out twice to remove the rest of the smell. Kenny was also very helpful and a nice guy to deal with. Thank you!

I would like to say thank you for your great customer service and tell you how great one of your employees are, Tucker, he was very knowledgeable and very patient with us during our crisis. He answered all of our questions And did a fantastic job! We will be recommending him to all of our family and friends. Thanks again!

We really appreciate the great customer service we received a special thank you too, Tucker, we couldn’t of asked to have a better representative with such a great personality and was very professional and knowledgeable of his job. So considerate! He was very helpful and answered all all our questions in detail. Thank you all!!!

Excellent service Trevor and Theo and their team were very thorough in there service provided. Quick, clean and efficient.

Within one hour of me noticing a water intrusion issue and calling my insurance company, SERVPRO called to set up a time for an assessment. Tucker showed up on time and was very professional. He thoroughly went through their process and gave me a plan of action. Overall a great experience.

Travis Cutting and Theo Bell were the best workers I have ever seen. They worked diligently and safely to demo my home after Hurricane Michael. They took pride in their work.

I reached out to SERVPRO to do the water mitigation and mold remediation on my home. Trevor Grier showed up when he said he would and did a thorough estimate of the damages, then was very efficient and quick in getting a team on the job. Brandon Nugent, Trevor Cutting and Travis Cutting all three treated my home like it was theirs. They all listened to my concerns and took them into consideration, and they did a very thorough job from beginning to finish. Additionally, they worked directly with my insurance so that I wouldn't have to have any money out of pocket. I'm very pleased with the results, and especially the care and time they took to do the job the right way. Thank you SERVPRO for everything, and more, for finally making me feel as though there is an end to this tunnel created by Hurricane Michael.

Outstanding customer service! Arrived to our property within 15 minutes after reporting a multi-unit leak within our high rise. Very professional, extremely knowledgeable and helpful to myself as the property manager and to research what was affected. Haley, Kenny, Brandon, Trevor and Talena were beyond helpful and have become our property's preferred vendor and I would highly recommend them to anyone!

Our house flooded while we were gone For 7 days. I called SERVPRO immediately. It was about 9:00 pm. They came out that night and set up the equipment to remove all the water. They continued to work on cleaning, packing and removal of all wood flooring and sheet rock that was damaged for 4 weeks. The entire crew were very professional. Their crew leader, Tucker Purvis, was especially helpful in keeping us informed on what they were doing, answering all of our questions and concerns.  They dealt directly with our insurance so we have no issues there. I would highly recommend them. Very impressed by Tucker and his crew!

Excellent customer service. Very knowledgeable and friendly. Tucker did an awesome job.

Thanks to SERVPRO of Bay County for helping us out in a quick and timely manner. Our four year old water heater pressure tank decided to die on us. While we were sleeping the tank was spraying hundreds of gallons of water in our garage. SERVPRO of Bay County provided a very professional clean up and monitoring. We highly recommend them!

Thus far, you have all accomplished a great job can't wait to see it when its finished. Also hammer pro you need to hold onto.
Thank you for your continued cooperation and super on enhancing customer service.

Before daylight on 10/30/2019 water was discovered on tile and carpeted floors. With one phone call, SERVPRO arrived before noon and began the clean-up. For seven days SERVPRO technicians moved fans and humidifiers drying out the floors and baseboards. Tucker Purvis was our most frequent visitors carefully monitoring the drying process. Tucker was professional and answered our questions concerning the process. He even helped moved furniture to a temporary location before leaving his final day on 11/6/2019. SERVPRO is definitely on our most preferred list.

SERVPRO took care of water damage to my floor and drywall. They were efficient and kept me informed every step of the way. I appreciated their quick response. All SERVPRO employees I spoke with were knowledgeable and able to answer all questions. A special thank you to Tucker, who was my technician. He did a great job explaining everything to me and did a great job with the cleanup!

Anthony, Michael and his helpers were very helpful and patient; they were outstanding to work with. Please let them and their managers know how pleased we are with this whole experience. I wish we would have called you guys sooner. 

Thanks to your team that came out to our home. They were very professional and truly friendly, on time and handled our cleanup/pack out very carefully. Really pleased with Kenny and Haley - from 0-10 , 10 being the highest, certainly deserve a 10. Thanks, Mr. and Mrs. Ash

I can’t say enough good about Steve Cyr of SERVPRO and their amazing service! Having to do construction 3 times in 5 years is no fun, especially the last project being in midst of the most devastating hurricane the Panhandle had to endure. Steve was always upfront and honest, great with communication and delivered according to schedule. His work is high quality and is a true professional. He’s by far the best contractor I’ve had and a great asset to the company.

I'm writing to recognize the conspicuous effort of the crew SERVPRO dispatched to my home on 10/7-8/19 to address mold issues in our master bathroom. The 2 man crew, Brandon & Trevor were two of the most industrious and professional technicians I've watched perform. I'm not familiar with mold mitigation but I was definitely concerned. Brandon & Trever took the time to explain step-by-step the work they would be performing in terms I could understand. Having some insight into what they were doing reduced my anxiety about the contamination and how they were going to attack and resolve it. I watched them work and could see for myself how they transformed our bathroom. The mold vanished and Brandon & Trevor cleaned the work area so the contractor we engaged to replace our two-sink vanity will get the work done in short order. Thank You for sending such a professional crew to deal with our problem.

Just had 2nd phase of my home restored using SERVPRO. Put back ceilings, dry walls, trim, baseboards , painted all , hung ceiling fans, laid down carpet. PERFECT.  THE PROJECT MANAGER STEVE C. , Konan, Clay, Cody, DJ and ALL THE OTHERS , did an excellent job. Such nice people you are allowing into your home, that work hard to get the job finished and look professional. Steve C. The Project Manager was so accommodating, made it easy to remove or add a project. He was very helpful and would always take the time to keep me appraised of the situation. I even thought that one project was included in the original contract, but I was wrong after reviewing the contract. Even then Steve still was willing to just add it on to the work order and add pricing to the contract. Also gave me right away the total add on price down to the penny. Now that is a true PROJECT MANAGER! Love the work they did, love my house again. Some of my neighbors started earlier with other contractors and still have not had all repairs finished! THANK YOU SERVPRO!

Trevor Grier and Tucker did a wonderful job recommending the necessary steps to fix water damage and mold at my home. Knowledgeable, extremely helpful, and friendly! Highly recommend these guys! Pleasure to work with!

I Aundria Golden was pleased to have Trevor C and Brandon as my SERVPRO kings. They were very pleasant, they walked and talked me through the process of what was going on. There was a moment that I was a little overwhelmed but they helped me understand and shed more light on the situation. I am so thankful for them and as they were finishing up they cleaned up and put everything back how it was found if not better. These guys love their job and take pride in the job they do to make sure that I was satisfied. I would recommend these two if you need a job well done from SERVPRO so give them a call and remember the best Brandon and Trevor C. Thanks guys for a job well done.

Quick to respond. Super helpful. Use them with absolute confidence.

Haley, Trevor, Brett, and Diane:

I wanted to again thank you and your team for the excellent work you performed in our home over the last two months in conducting remediation, tear out, and cleaning.  All of you were very professional, timely, and did great work.  I wish all of you the best in your future endeavors.  Rest assured, if I ever have a need for remediation services again, your team will be the one I call.  Thanks again.

Amazing a courteous company!

I had an issue with my Florida condo and your team came quick and I was so impressed. I loved all the workers----communicated well ,pleasant and efficient. Penny

Very friendly, communicative, and clean. Would highly recommend!

Brandon, Hailey, and Trevor were very professional, and I enjoyed having them in my home. Great work!

During Hurricane Michael and even before, SERVPRO of Bay County has gone above and beyond in the time of need. Every time they have lived up to their motto, "Like it never even happened."

Words can't explain the job SERVPRO completed on my house. You guys came in and absolutely cleaned up the crap the other mitigation company left or blatantly didn't do. Our house looked and smelled totally clean after you guys left. We love the fact that you all wrote out a 8 mile long report of things that were done and complete, making it easier to sell our home if that ever happened. I can't thank you guys enough. I will most certainly refer you to any and everyone that I know or will encounter that's looking for work. 5 stars isn't enough. Thank you thank you thank you.

Can’t say enough good about SERVPRO and their Mitigation Manager Trevor Bus. I discovered a severe mold issue with my ac unit and Trevor was recommended by my ac company. He responded immediately. Although I needed a new unit Trevor has helped guide me to those that could help get my problem resolved. I can’t thank him enough for his kindness and concern.

We used SERVPRO of Bay County after experiencing water damage.  I cannot say enough good things about this company, and more importantly the people who work there.  They were extremely professional, knowledgeable, responsive and polite.  The team kept us informed every step of the way and took great care to make sure our water issues were completely dried up and resolved.  I would highly recommend this company without hesitation to anyone in need of restoration services.

We had substantial damage from Hurricane Michael. We waited until frustration set in and then called a trusted acquaintance that works for SERVPRO of Bay County. She sent a project manager out after explaining in detail what our next steps may be. She promised her team would do their best to help get us the best possible outcome. I highly recommend SERVPRO of Bay County.

Talena and the SERVPRO of Bay County team are amazing! They have a depth of experience and are ready to get to work. They were here to help before and after Hurricane Michael.

SERVPRO of Bay County is an all around excellent pleasure to work with. They are the best and I would highly recommend them to any and everyone!

SERVPRO of Bay County is very responsive and dependable! We rely on them in emergencies and they come through. From small leaks to larger restoration jobs, they are a great company to work with!

Talena is amazing! We had substantial damage from Hurricane Michael. The SERVPRO team came and inspected our home and recommended the necessary steps to fix the damage and take care of mold remediation. They were very knowledgeable and explained the fees up front and how the process would "play out". I highly recommend SERVPRO of Bay County.

SERVPRO of Bay County is awesome to work with and goes the extra mile to get your property up and running. After Hurricane Michael SERVPRO was there to intervene in our restoration. Always quick to answer questions and fast on calling us back with solutions. Gulf Palms of Panama City Beach wants to thank SERVPRO of Bay County for being there for us. Thumbs Up Guys.

My husband and I were so impressed with Trevor Bus and his excellent team. All team members were professional, knowledgeable, courteous, considerate, hard working and just plain nice! All of my many phone calls were returned immediately. And they arrived to check on things when they said they would. A big Thank You to Trevor and his Team.

Talena from SERVPRO was one of the first people we saw after the hurricane. They had a crew on site almost immediately. We were able to save so many more documents than if we had to wait. The crew was amazing, friendly and extremely helpful. We were sad to see them go. They did a great job and I would highly recommend them for home or business.

"Words can't explain the job SERVPRO completed on my house. You guys came in and absolutely cleaned up the crap the other mitigation company left or blatantly didn't do. Our house looked and smelled totally clean after you guys left. We love the fact that you all wrote out a 8 mile long report of things that were done and complete, making it easier to sell our home if that ever happened. I can't thank you guys enough. I will most certainly refer you to any and everyone that I know or will encounter that's looking for work. 5 stars isn't enough. Thank you thank you thank you."

We found mold in one of our buildings and we were under a deadline to get it fixed as quickly as possible without compromising quality of service at an affordable price! Trevor Bus & his team were awesome in every facet of these repairs! Highly recommend the SERVPRO Team Of Bay County!

Had some issues at the start of our project, but when they got made known management stepped up and got us the help we needed quickly. Made us feel like a priority.

SERVPRO responded quickly to my water emergency and have been reliably present each day to be certain that every detail has been managed correctly. I am extremely pleased with their service. Thank you Anthony and Tucker for being so attentive and thorough.

My experience with this company is that they are quick to take action when the need arises. They are customer service driven with deep roots to the community. SERVPRO Bay county is a company to rely on and trust in any emergency situation.

I want to thank Tucker and Kevin for the demolition/mold mediation they performed. A very professional and clean job!!! Again thanks and we're ready for the next step in rebuilding our home after Hurricane Michael.

SERVPRO responded quickly to my water emergency and have been reliably present each day to be certain that every detail has been managed correctly. I am extremely pleased with their service. Thank you Anthony and Tucker for being so attentive and thorough.

Highly recommend! As a property manager, I've dealt with water damage more than once. They respond quickly and follow through to see that everything is done correctly.
Brett, Haley and Talena have been great to work with.

This is a review from the damage from Hurricane Michael. Tucker, Kevin, Anthony, and their team went above and beyond my expectations. The work was extensive, approximately 8 days, and every room in our home was damaged in some way. They communicated thoroughly throughout the entire process. As of now, we have only used SERVPRO to tear out our damaged home. However, we plan to continue to use them as we move forward to rebuild our home because of their professionalism and caring nature they provided during this disaster. They not only cared for our home but our well being.

I called them in the first week of February 2019. That night TALENA sent an email letting me know that Scott Huffman would be calling me shortly to set up appointment. He showed up next day and spent time seeing what walls, ceilings, needed to be taken down , according to what my insurance had dictated. Included mold remediation, equipment needed such as air purifiers, air scrubbers. And at the end of project, they go in there , and heavily fog your home to kill any fungus, mold and mildew spores. They were here 3 days in a row. They worked hard and together and did not take a lunch break. They just snacked thru out day. Ready to explain anything you asked them. At the end they dealt with my insurance company telling them and sending diagrams and actual photos of work done and explanation of each to my insurance company. I truly felt they would not receive anymore money than what my insurance company had allotted for this project. So you can visualize my surprise when I received the check for the exact amount 2 weeks later after they had completed project. They did an excellent job, FEEL CONFIDENT, SERVPRO knows what they are doing. Now I am going to call them again to have them put the ceilings, and drywall back in. A lot of people do not realize they also have a GENERAL CONTRACTOR LICENSE. So they can take care of so much in helping you move forward in getting your house restored back to normal. THANK YOU SERVPRO !!

I asked them to come and take a moisture reading of my walls after the hurricane. An out of state SERVPRO employee came and it did not go well. So after leaving a bad review, Sean at the local SERVPRO sent Trevor quickly and made it right, extremely nice and relieved my mind about the damage I had. Highly recommend!

I'm a realtor here in Bay County.. SERVPRO has been a God send to us here. They really are true professionals. After a natural disaster where the 3rd largest storm recorded history hit they are doing everything they can to help their community. I called to get a better understanding of a mold report. Courteous and kind they took the time to provide professional advise which helped us figure out a best plan of action. We got the deal done and they were a huge help! Hats off to you SERVPRO of Bay County! It was much appreciated!

I called Talena several days after Hurricane Michael about doing water/mold mitigation at a rental townhouse. While they were super-busy with the volume of calls, a representative got with me a couple of days later to make arrangements. The crew assigned to me was from Oklahoma and they did a great job. They were friendly, efficient, and worked directly with my insurance company to get the unit cleaned up. Thanks Talena, for your help and making sure it all worked out!

Fantastic service, very professional. Showed up quickly the night of my water damage and explained everything. Worked with Tucker for almost 2 weeks getting everything dry, he was wonderful, worked with my schedule and was great at communicating everything that was happening and when he would be by to check on things. Couldn't be happier, well other than if there hadn't been any flooding at all...

Excellent, thorough, fast service. SERVPRO did a great job!! Would highly recommend them

from Bay County School

It was SERVPRO to the rescue when we suffered a roof leak that resulted in mold growth in the walls of our kitchen. SERVPRO quickly assessed the mold presence and remediate it. They took care of the tear out, cleaning and construction of the affected area in our home. They were timely, professional and made a frustrating situation so much better for our family. Not sure what else would have done without them! 

April B.

Response was fast. Everything was explained thoroughly. They answered my many questions prior and during the work. Technicians and project supervisor were very knowledgeable, professional, polite, and meticulous. Price was very fair. I'm so glad that I hired them. Working with SERVPRO made the overwhelming situation that I had, simple to deal with. Thank you to all technicians and Trevor for outstanding job. Highly recommend this company.

Debra S.

Response was fast. Everything was explained thoroughly. They answered my many questions prior and during the work. Technicians and project supervisor were very knowledgeable, professional, polite, and meticulous. Price was very fair. I'm so glad that I hired them. Working with SERVPRO of Bay County made the overwhelming situation that I had, simple to deal with. Thank you to all technicians and Trevor for outstanding job. Highly recommend this company.

I would like to take this opportunity to say a very big Thank you to Trevor Bus. He has big heart I had apartment fire and when I met Trrevor his compassion for people and professionalism showed . He told me not to worry about stuff with my property he had it under control and he has Everytime I call with a question he answers and he keeps t well informed everything that is going on his end Thanks again Trevor

David and Travis did a wonderful job cleaning our carpet and tile at our vacation rental on 30A. They were very professional, courteous and thorough. We will definitely be calling SERVPRO again for our future carpet and tile cleanings! 

You guys did a fantastic job on the Tower at the Airport, and your employees were a pleasure to work with. One of your employees in particular that deserve mentioning is Talena Grawburg. Talena was the first SERVPRO employee that I met, when she showed up at the Airport a year or two ago and introduced herself and educated us on the services that SERVPRO offers. Since that time, Talena stops by to see if there is anything that we and to sing the praises of SERVPRO. 

It was an easy decision during meetings concerning the Tower, that SERVPRO was mentioned as the vendor to contact. 

Again thank you for the service you provide and thank you Talena for your professionalism and perseverance. Talena is certainly a valuable employee and a great ambassador for SERVPRO. 

An amazing company to work with! So glad we called SERVPRO of Bay County to come help us out with what turned out to be a large commercial water loss.

Where to start?!?!? This is the most incredible, personable, caring group, I have ever encountered! We had major mold and mildew issues with our condo. All due to leaking from unit above us.
First of all, Haley handled me like a champ! When she wasn't available, Ashley stepped in, and didn't miss a beat!! Then, there was Trevor, who also didn't miss a beat! The actual, on site, cleaning crew never stopped!! I was there!! I was amazed. 
Whatever they are being paid, can't be near enough! 
Haley, you are so appreciated!! Ashley, thank you for being there, also! These girls are incredible!!!
SERVPRO, you knocked it out of the ballpark with these two!!!!!

When my granddaughter discovered the leak in our seldom-used guest cabin there was no doubt who I would call...SERVPRO of Bay County. I knew you would take care of the problem "Like it never even happened." Your team did a great job! they were professional and efficient, and even finished a day earlier than expected. you and your team made sure we understood the process and the benefits of the various componets of the process. Thank you so much for a job well done!

I am very impressed, stunned with the speed with which the company responded. Within 30 minutes of my original call!

I have never seen such a great group of people striving for the same goal to achieve such greatness. Everyone was flawless at their job

I had never heard about your company until my condo became destroyed by a busted water pipe. People who knew about your company assured me that your men would do a great job of restoration. They certainly have done a great job! The people I have met exemplify the quality of workers that you have.

Amazing attention to detail, from both the manager and the technician. one of the best experiences considering the situation.

We can not say "THANK YOU" big enough! Top Job Done! Pro's in every way! We will sing your praises forever!

Every aspect from 1st appointment to completion exceeded my expectations- perfect!

On behalf of the Panama City Fire Department Central Fire Station, we wish to thank you for arranging to have our carpet cleaned. Please extend our thanks to the owner of SERVPRO, Sean Grier, and to Beau Green for doing such a wonderful job.

This was a project that apparently needed to be done. The carpet not only looks a lot better, but the aroma in the offices is much more pleasant. Your services made quite an improvement and we really appreciate it. Thanks to all of you.

Austin M was very professional, helpful and pleasant on the job! Thank you for a job well done!

Trevor delivered on all promises he made. I will recommend only SERVPRO of Bay County based on his skills and leadership proven on our water damage.

Keith has been extremely helpful keeping us informed of the reconstruction process at our condo. This proves to be especially helpful since we live out of state. Thank you

Austin M is very professional and very knowledgeable our carpets look great! I will only use SERVPRO of Bay County in the future!

Anthony was very thorough and professional. His ability to explain things in detail was very helpful and appreciated.

Kevin and Michael did an AWESOME job on our drywall, painting and removal of popcorn ceiling!

I googled water extractors Panama City Beach, FL and SERVPRO was first, called before hours AM, got immediate response back. This crew has been awesome. Austin gets an A+ in PR as he has been courteous and kind and caring throughout this whole ordeal and he has to take all the crap, he is an excellent leader for his team. The entire SERVPRO team has been just wonderful. All smiles and reassuring that everything will be ok. Thank you.

Everyone was very helpful and professional. The work was completed with very little disturbance to our everyday life. The job ran like a well choreographed show.

Great responder!  We called and in less than an hour someone was out to my mom's house.  We were so pleased.