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Fire & Water - Cleanup & Restoration

Archived Before & After Photos

Biohazard cleanup

Whether it's an everyday disaster or something unusual, our team can handle it. The above photos depict a crime scene in an automobile. Our SERVPRO team is t... READ MORE

A local Charter School

This was a water damage situation caused by the suppression sprinkler system at a local Charter School in the area. Every water damage event is a little differe... READ MORE

Commercial Sewer loss

You've just come home from a great tropical vacation, you're looking forward to being in the comfort of your own home, you walk in and...The above photo is of a... READ MORE

residential sewage

You've just come home from a great tropical vacation, you're looking forward to being in the comfort of your own home, you walk in and...The above photo is of a... READ MORE

Large Sewage Loss

Recently, our SERVPRO of Bay County was called onto the scene during a large sewage loss that involved two of our current clients in the Bay County are. Once t... READ MORE

Hurricane Matthew

This beachside dining area of the Ponte Vedra Inn was full of beach sand as a result of Hurricane Matthew. The wind and water surge pushed in multiple sets of f... READ MORE

stone wall

As a result of hurricane force winds blowing excessive debris, sand and dirt, this outdoor stone wall needed to be deep cleaned and brought back to it's cleaner... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage

Successful restoration efforts by our amazing team here at SERVPRO of Bay County! After this local commercial facility in our area called us about the severe wa... READ MORE

Residential Bathroom Reconstruction

Another beautiful restoration completed by our amazing SERVPRO of Bay County team! The SERVPRO of Bay County team put in a lot of hard work to restore this resi... READ MORE

Master Bathroom

After experiencing water damage that affected the entire space around the toilet of this master bathroom, it was our team here at SERVPRO of Bay County to the r... READ MORE

Duct cleaning

This Bay County, Florida business had severely dirty duct work causing unhealthy breathing issues for its employees. The SERVPRO of Bay County team cleaned them... READ MORE

residential sewer loss

As you can see with the before photo, sometimes water is not visible through paint and other wall coverings. The SERVPRO of Bay County's team of trained profess... READ MORE

Fire Extinguisher discharged in school

A Bay County district school classroom was vandalized when someone discharged a fire extinguisher inside the room. The SERVPRO of Bay County team was entrusted ... READ MORE

Fire in Panama City Commercial building

This dusting of soot in a Panama City School came after a localized fire in the restrooms. Because of the fire, smoke and soot quickly spread throughout the res... READ MORE

Attic Fire in Panama City Beach

After a fire charred the attic of this Panama City Beach rental house the owners called SERVPRO of Bay County to bring a quick resolution. The first step was to... READ MORE

Meeting space rebuilt

This before photo shows the temporary tent space that was used by the team at SERVPRO of Bay County after Hurricane Michael devastated and destroyed both of the... READ MORE

Bathroom Fire, Rutherford High School

This Bay County School District High School bathroom received noticeable fire, smoke, and soot damage along the walls, mirror and sink. The SERVPRO of Bay Count... READ MORE

Extensive Mold Damage

This residential building had extensive mold damage throughout the interior due to water damage that was not properly treated right away. The SERVPRO of Bay Cou... READ MORE

Flooded Carpet at Beach Fellowship

This room at Beach Fellowship in Panama City, Florida suffered immense water damage to a large portion of the carpet flooring due to a leak. The team at SERVPRO... READ MORE

Water Damaged Carpet at Hospital

The carpet of the Gooding Institute of Bay Medical in Panama City, Florida was damaged with water from a leak. Using proper room measurements, temperature and r... READ MORE

Flooded Kitchen at Chill Yogurt

The kitchen at a local frozen yogurt spot in Panama City, Florida was flooded with water. Once the excess water has been removed, the floors and walls may appea... READ MORE

Kitchen Fire causes damage in Panama City Beach Condo

A kitchen fire in Panama City Beach left a mess in this white kitchen. The property management company relied on SERVPRO of Bay County to restore the condo quic... READ MORE

Water Damage at Panama City Assisted Living Faciity

A wind storm caused roof damage to this Panama City Assisted Living facility leaving ceilings with water damaged ceilings in various places. The before picture ... READ MORE

Panama City water damage soaks bedroom carpet

When this Panama City home had a water heater burst two rooms of carpet were soaked with over an inch of water. The homeowner called SERVPRO of Bay County for h... READ MORE

Residential Fire in Callaway, FL

After a fire in this Callaway residence the family turned to SERVPRO of Bay County to get their home back to living condition. The team first did an inventory o... READ MORE

Commercial Fire in Bay County Restaurant

After a local restaurant suffered extensive damage from a fire. The owner called SERVPRO of Bay County to restore the property as quickly as possible. The resta... READ MORE

Southport Kitchen has Water Damage

This Southport homeowner called SERVPRO of Bay County when a supply line burst in their kitchen leaving several inches of water standing. SERVPRO of Bay County... READ MORE

Water Damaged Bathroom in Lynn Haven

SERVPRO o F Bay County extracted water from this bathroom in Lynn Haven but not before the vanity comprised of press wood and the tile flooring were compromised... READ MORE

Water Damaged Wall

Our professional SERVPRO of Bay County team used water detection equipment such as moisture detectors, hygrometers, and infrared cameras to find hidden water be... READ MORE

Residential Water Damage Carillion Beach Ruins floor

When water damage struck this Carillion Beach home this bathroom floor was saturated with water. unfortunately the water sat for several days before the homeown... READ MORE

Water Damage at Public Works Office

This Commercial Property in Panama City Beach was part of a water damage and received a lot of damage. The construction was not even complete. The SERVPRO of Ba... READ MORE

Commercial Business Damaged in Hurricane Michael

This commercial building in Panama City, Fl was ripped apart during Hurricane Michael. As you can see from the debris scattered in the before photo the roof was... READ MORE

Safety is Key during Bay County Bio hazard Cleanup

SERVPRO of Bay County responds to a lot of Bio hazard cleanups. Unfortunate things happen more often than people like to think, whether it be bodily fluids, raw... READ MORE

Hurricane Florence victims get help from SERVPRO of Bay County

When Hurricane Florence caused massive flooding in both North and South Carolina the storm team from SERVPRO of Bay County jumped in to help. the majority of ho... READ MORE

Commercial Water loss in Panama City

SERVPRO of Bay County is a Large Loss Response team and that is good for our community. This designation means we have the professional experience and the resou... READ MORE

Kitchen Fire in Callaway, FL

This kitchen fire in Callaway, FL was the result of cooking grease left unattended on the range. There was direct damage to the kitchen, including all the majo... READ MORE

Flash Flooding at Elementary School in Parker, FL

Ten months after Hurricane Michael ravaged the Florida Panhandle, flash flooding remains an ever-present danger for many localized areas. In this photo, a flas... READ MORE

Mold Removal from Appliances

The refrigerator was located in a home that had experienced widespread mold contamination. Through the hard work, dedication, and expertise of SERVPRO of Bay C... READ MORE

SERVPRO Franchises work together after Hurricane Michael

After a major event like Hurricane Michael that hit Bay County Florida in October of 2018 SERVPRO proved the strength of it's brand. While there was plenty of w... READ MORE