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Mold Remediation Testimonials

In a reconstruction project we found very nasty mold growth in the wall and ceiling framing of three adjacent condos. Tests showed many types of mold present. Trever Grier headed a team of 5 including Tyler Adams, Theo Bell, Trevor Cutting and Fred. The independent testing company couldn't stop talking about the great job they did! The spray patterns on the wood and back of drywall on the other adjacent units. The corners and cracks details. The cleanest floors in any construction project they have ever seen. The before and after view was like night and day. The lab tests more than passed. The testing was done on a very low outside spore count day, yet the inside air had half the spore count of outside. The air inside those three units was more healthy than outside air! I highly recommend SERVPRO for mold removal, would not consider using anyone else!

The crew guys were very friendly, Professional, and worked hard at what they were doing . I would highly recommend KENNY Ryan Johnny And Dusty . Thank you Guys for all your hard work!!!! 

I reached out to SERVPRO to do the water mitigation and mold remediation on my home. Trevor Grier showed up when he said he would and did a thorough estimate of the damages, then was very efficient and quick in getting a team on the job. Brandon Nugent, Trevor Cutting and Travis Cutting all three treated my home like it was theirs. They all listened to my concerns and took them into consideration, and they did a very thorough job from beginning to finish. Additionally, they worked directly with my insurance so that I wouldn't have to have any money out of pocket. I'm very pleased with the results, and especially the care and time they took to do the job the right way. Thank you SERVPRO for everything, and more, for finally making me feel as though there is an end to this tunnel created by Hurricane Michael.

Anthony, Michael and his helpers were very helpful and patient; they were outstanding to work with. Please let them and their managers know how pleased we are with this whole experience. I wish we would have called you guys sooner. 

I'm writing to recognize the conspicuous effort of the crew SERVPRO dispatched to my home on 10/7-8/19 to address mold issues in our master bathroom. The 2 man crew, Brandon & Trevor were two of the most industrious and professional technicians I've watched perform. I'm not familiar with mold mitigation but I was definitely concerned. Brandon & Trever took the time to explain step-by-step the work they would be performing in terms I could understand. Having some insight into what they were doing reduced my anxiety about the contamination and how they were going to attack and resolve it. I watched them work and could see for myself how they transformed our bathroom. The mold vanished and Brandon & Trevor cleaned the work area so the contractor we engaged to replace our two-sink vanity will get the work done in short order. Thank You for sending such a professional crew to deal with our problem.

Trevor Grier and Tucker did a wonderful job recommending the necessary steps to fix water damage and mold at my home. Knowledgeable, extremely helpful, and friendly! Highly recommend these guys! Pleasure to work with!

Haley, Trevor, Brett, and Diane:

I wanted to again thank you and your team for the excellent work you performed in our home over the last two months in conducting remediation, tear out, and cleaning.  All of you were very professional, timely, and did great work.  I wish all of you the best in your future endeavors.  Rest assured, if I ever have a need for remediation services again, your team will be the one I call.  Thanks again.

I had an issue with my Florida condo and your team came quick and I was so impressed. I loved all the workers----communicated well ,pleasant and efficient. Penny

Can’t say enough good about SERVPRO and their Mitigation Manager Trevor Bus. I discovered a severe mold issue with my ac unit and Trevor was recommended by my ac company. He responded immediately. Although I needed a new unit Trevor has helped guide me to those that could help get my problem resolved. I can’t thank him enough for his kindness and concern.

Talena is amazing! We had substantial damage from Hurricane Michael. The SERVPRO team came and inspected our home and recommended the necessary steps to fix the damage and take care of mold remediation. They were very knowledgeable and explained the fees up front and how the process would "play out". I highly recommend SERVPRO of Bay County.

It was SERVPRO to the rescue when we suffered a roof leak that resulted in mold growth in the walls of our kitchen. SERVPRO quickly assessed the mold presence and remediate it. They took care of the tear out, cleaning and construction of the affected area in our home. They were timely, professional and made a frustrating situation so much better for our family. Not sure what else would have done without them! 

April B.

Where to start?!?!? This is the most incredible, personable, caring group, I have ever encountered! We had major mold and mildew issues with our condo. All due to leaking from unit above us.
First of all, Haley handled me like a champ! When she wasn't available, Ashley stepped in, and didn't miss a beat!! Then, there was Trevor, who also didn't miss a beat! The actual, on site, cleaning crew never stopped!! I was there!! I was amazed. 
Whatever they are being paid, can't be near enough! 
Haley, you are so appreciated!! Ashley, thank you for being there, also! These girls are incredible!!!
SERVPRO, you knocked it out of the ballpark with these two!!!!!

Every aspect from 1st appointment to completion exceeded my expectations- perfect!

Everyone was very helpful and professional. The work was completed with very little disturbance to our everyday life. The job ran like a well choreographed show.